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Instructions for care after treatment with cantheridin

Your skin had been treated with cantheridin (Canthecur). Cantheridin (from the blister beetle) produces a localized blistering of the skin only where treated.

What to expect after treatment:

*The treated areas need to be washed with soap and water in four (4) hours or sooner if lesions start to blister or there is pain. The area/s may be tender for several days.

* It is normal for the areas/s to be red and possibly blister or erode over the next few days.

* You may get the area/s wet and continue your normal daily activities. If the blisters are large or cause a problem, please call the office. If the blisters break or crusting occurs, cover it with Vaseline and a band-aid and change daily until it heals (approximately 7 days).

Please call us if you have any problems or questions:

Office: 856-627-1900 Prompt 3

If you call the office after hours and need to speak with a doctor, the answering service will take your call and contact the doctor that is on call. The doctor will return your call as quickly as possible. If it is a true emergency, contact or go to the nearest Emergency Room.