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Post-Treatment Instructions for Microdermabrasion

Do not resume the use of glycolic acid skin care products or Retin-A (Afirm) until the fourth day after the procedure.

For three days post procedure, use the facial cleanser, lotion, and eye cream that are given to you by The Skin Care Loft. Use in the A.M. and P.M. and in the warmer months use a sunscreen with an SPF30.

Avoid the use of abrasive or exfoliating scrubs on the area for one week after the procedure.

Do not color or “perm” your hair for one week after the procedure.

Do not wax your eyebrows or lips for one week after the procedure.

You may wear make-up after the microdermabrasion if you choose; however, our recommendation is to wait until the next morning.

You may experience redness and/or a feeling similar to a sunburn or windburn for a few hours after the procedure.

If this occurs, apply cold compresses for about five minutes several times a day.  This will be very soothing and will address any stinging and/or lingering redness.

In the event of excessive dryness or flakiness, use additional moisturizer as often as needed.

Please notify the staff if you have a history of facial cold sores.


There will be times, when the treatment has been aggressive (at the request of the patient) when you will experience crusting and pinpoint bleeding.  This is not dangerous, but can be inconvenient.  When requesting “aggressive” treatments, you must be aware of this and expect it to occur. The Skin Care Loft staff prefers to use their own best judgement when performing a Microdermabrasion Treatment.

Remember that you have had a procedure that will make your skin delicate and vulnerable for about a week.