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Frequently asked questions about your Mohs Micrographic Surgery appointment

Can I eat or drink on the day surgery?

Yes. There are no eating restrictions for your surgery. We encourage you to eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of your surgery. PLEASE NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  THE EVENING PRIOR TO YOUR SURGERY APPOINTMENT.

How long will I be here on the day of my surgery?

You will be spending most of the day here on the day of your procedure. It takes several minutes to remove the level of tissue however it can take an hour or more to process the tissue in the lab. The average amount of time spent here is 4-6 hours.

What should I wear on the day of my procedure?

We recommend that you dress in comfortable clothes.  We suggest that you bring a sweater or jacket as the waiting room may be cool.

Do I need someone to accompany me on the day of surgery?

It is recommended but not necessary that you have someone accompany you on the day of surgery. There are some special circumstances however that we will insist that you have someone accompany you on the day or your surgery.  We ask that you limit the number of people.

Should I take my regularly prescribed medications on the morning of the surgery?

Yes. Take your regularly prescribed medications as they have been prescribed.

Are there any medications that I should avoid prior to surgery?

If you are on blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix or Warfarin we will ask you to CHECK WITH YOUR PRESCRIBING PHYSICIAN before we ask you to discontinue these medications prior to surgery.

Am I required to take pre-op antibiotics prior to my procedure?

If you have a history of rheumatic fever, heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse, artificial hips, knees, shoulders or heart valves, or if you are required by your physician to take an antibiotic prior to dental procedures, we will prescribe one for you.

Will I be able to return to work after my surgery?

You will be able to return to work if you feel you are able to. If you have a physical job that requires heavy lifting (over 25 lbs.), bending or exercise we may ask you to refrain from those activities for the week following your surgery. A note from your physician will be provided to you if needed.

Can I resume physical activities after my surgery?

We will ask you to refrain from heavy lifting, bending, or exercise, for one week after your surgery. This includes power walking, yoga, golf etc.

What kind of anesthesia will be used for my procedure?

General anesthesia is not necessary for this procedure. Local anesthesia will be used similar to what was used at the time of your biopsy.

What are the potential complications of surgery?

Bleeding and infection are the two primary complications. Both of these are uncommon. We will discuss with you how to recognize these problems should they occur.

Will I have stitches following the surgery?

Most likely you will have stitches on your surgical site. There are some instances, however, that a wound can heal in on its own. You will receive specific instructions on how to care for your wound/stitches after surgery.